Workshop Public Speaking International

In the beginning of september, I had the honor to deliver a speech about ‘excel in public speaking’ in Switzerland at the Nestlé Head quarters.  Six weeks later I’m happy to be back in Vevey in Nestlé’s Training Center. Sunny weather, positive and enthusiastic audience in the workshop and meetings this afternoon. Prepared to kick off for a 2 days public speaking training with professional trainers, and with a very seasoned and super skilled colleague of Nestlé. Speaking in public constantly stimulating the attention span and the PACE of the participants. Presenting, teaching and speaking is performing in an authentic and constructive way.  It is about engaging and enthusing the audience. Our goal is to train professional trainers here. Forget power point, focus on three goals:  participants will experience your classes and speeches as intense, fun and functional.

They will like to be your guest, enjoy the learning points and the way you deliver it. 1. LIKE.

They will think differently after your speech about the topics, the key messages. 2. THINK.

They will act differently, they will be motivated to change their habits and attitudes. 3. ACT.

Every time you have to deliver a speech yourself, ask yourself: what do I need to do, so that they like my performance (from the beginning until the last sentence), that they remember what the key message was (and they’ll think it over after the speech) AND that they will apply what they learned (act differently)

Neste IHS  

We are confident to reach those goals in the next two days. The topic is challenging: speaking in public with more impact (on the audience) and more fun (for yourself and the audience).  I’ll keep you posted!