Top athletes and contractmanagers: outperform thanks to mental training

February 10th the following will be in short the approach and content of the key note about mental training. Target group: 130 contractmanagers. Place to be: Driebergen. Netherlands.


  • You as a contractmanager set the pace’. The combination of present-day techniques such as PACE – mental training: Performing, Authentic, Constructive and Enthusiastic – are key in physical, mental and emotional self-management and powerful communication. Why? And how?

federer-in-kostuum The strongest mental tennis player ever. Also strong contractmanagement. 


  • How to become an outperforming manager. Use the techniques and adopt the spirit of top athletes. Make use of the PACE – mental training routine daily. How to integrate healthy food habits, movement and sports, relaxation, better sleep quality and quantity into the daily rat race. (Especially whilst travelling, taking meetings, working long and tiring days). Apply the 20 minutes-a-day principle: mental training breaks as the basis to become super mentally fit and sharp. The 20 min/day-pace guarantees strong results.
  • Top athletes think ahead and have a strong belief that they are capable of reaching their goals. How to think in such a constructive way as a top manager? What is our internal dialogue today? What can or should it be tomorrow? Based on lessons in positive psychology, we make a start with cognitive training. By training the brain to think in a constructive way, we will as a result communicate constructively, which is more effective, convincing and motivating than any other language.

Final & outro

  • The dynamic and interactive keynote will end with a “call to action”: each participant writes down one action that he/she will undertake inspired by this session. He or she will share it with one colleague. Both participants give feedback on the what and the how of the action. The best practice is that they keep in touch and stimulate each other to stick to their plan, and to share experiences.

Note:  This will be a powerpointless  key note based on my mission as a public speaker: Educate, Entertain, Empower. (powerpoint not to the point here).

Special about this 6th national conference: Download the app  Nationale CM Conferentie app! Download in the Appstore of Play store.. It’s inspiring!  -only in dutch-

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