Meeting Jimmy Carter: sharp, clear and powerful at the age of 92

The charismatic Jimmy Carter is still inspiring. Only 92 years young, the ex-president of the U.S. teaches regular Sunday classes in the church in his hometown Plains in Georgia. Last Sunday I had a seat on row 3 in his class. Thanks to my sister who runs a Bed & Breakfast in the region, we could meet the icon.  

The most successful ex-president of the U.S.

Jimmy Carter was the president of the U.S. from 1977 until 1981. He was awarded for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his work with the Carter Center, activating for peace in the entire world.  At the age of 91 he survived cancer, and till today, he is still active to inspire people to live in peace with each other, to live a ‘good’ live.

The appearance of the most successful ex-president of the U.S. in the Maranata Baptist Church in Plains was a special experience. Mr. Carter is still very sharp, clear and powerful in his speech. His message was very simple, very clear. Every day, every human being, has the chance to change. He or she can decide, can make the choice, to act different.

His provoking question was: “If you ask yourself in the morning: what can I do from today to become a good man/woman? What will be your answer?” He gave a part of the answer: everyone has every day the chance to make that choice, and it is not depending on your status, gender, age or culture. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a teacher, a cleaning expert, a doctor, a nurse, a manager, a politician, a refugee… he said. It is “you” who decides how you will deal with the situation, how you will judge or not judge your environment, how you will serve your ego or how you will serve the community, your colleagues, your family.

Jimmy Carter and Wim in Plains – Georgia October 23 – 2016

Stimulate and provoke to think

I felt privileged to listen, to see, how a man of his age and status, is still active to stimulate and provoke people to think. That’s exactly what a coach is doing: stimulate and provoke people to think different, out of the box, from different perspectives. Jimmy Carter deserves respect. He could easily lean back and enjoy fishing, wining and dining, what a lot of people in his position would do. I wish him another decade of activism and teaching. His source of inspiration is his ‘belief in God’. And that’s OK, mine is different, it is Zen, Buddha and Yoga. Whatever your source of inspiration is, if you are able to spread so much positive energy and optimism, you can make a difference, on every playground, on every domain you want. From today.


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  1. Xavier RAGHENO

    Nice piece of inspiration, Wim.
    Well, I guess that in this though times the world, and especially are needing a new CARTER

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