Looking back to Obama’s SOTU

Strong quotes, strong timing, the right pace, extremely well prepared… I’m commenting on the content of the State of the Union -SOTU- 2015. I’m interested in “HOW” Obama did it, how he spoke, how he used his body language, his tone of voice. How he played. How he winks: look at the timing, look at his face. Self confident, with humor, with style, well dosed. 

The art of public speaking on the highest level. Obama the performer, the charismatic leader of the U.S., was in good shape. Learn from the best, and analyze “how” he did it. Here the complete speech link.

For those who are interested in the content, in the whole text: click here.  As a trainer and coach in public speaking, I leave the comments on the content and the graphics up to other people. Enjoy!

obama SOTU2015



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