Four keys to become a better speaker


The most experienced and successful speakers (CEO’s, managers, entrepreneurs) rehearse their speeches while working out, while walking in the woods, while riding on the bike… They save time and energy by combining physical activity, relaxation and preparation. Mental imagery makes them relaxed and self confident. The result is that they perform better on stage.

  1. Start four weeks in advance preparing a key note speech. Week one, write two till four key messages you want to get across. Week two, collect facts, stories and anecdotes that could support these messages.
  2. Have the courage to say ‘no’ to the beamer and skip power point or slideshows. Write down key messages and anecdotes in a constructive way. Collect pictures on your computer and create a magical ‘Moodboard’.
  3. Two weeks before your speech: rehearse text, body language, tone of voice, mimics in front of… the mirror. Rehearse your opening sentence, closing performance, movements, body language, breaks, in front of your computer, in your car and in ‘stolen moments’.
  4. Enhance your performance by visualizing yourself on stage. One week before the speech: go for your favorite sports, dance, yoga class. Do this every day. Rework details, sharpen the saw! On a daily basis you rehearse, visualize, fantasize, moodboardize, in your car, in the train, in the plane, on the bike…

Great speakers’ energy is contagious because they rehearsed frequently and consequently text, body language and tone of voice. The audience is experiencing their flow, their passion and authenticity that creates enthusiasm… It doesn’t matter if you are promoting your company, your concept, your belief.  Prepare, shine without beamer, rehearse while doing physical activity and visualize your performance. Every time you do this, you will become a better speaker. Instead of fearing your next challenge on stage, you will look forward to it!

  • Intense and professional preparation
  • Limit or skip power point. You will shine, forget the beamer
  • Combine physical activity and rehearsing
  • Enhance performance by mental imagery