Winter solstice today, think in a constructive way

You can feel it. The end is near. The end of the year. The shortest day of the year is today. December 21 at 11.44 a.m. CETime, we will turn to longer days. This night we will experience the longest night of the year. And nature will react on that. Humans react on that as well. People are stressed. End of year stress in companies to finish as strong as possible, stress in shopping malls to buy the most original gifts, stress on Christmas fairs… fear. A famous theatre icon of Ghent posted on Facebook today: I ate already three Christmas presents. Because of the stress for Christmas. Hundreds of likes she got.

IMG_7860Two days ago, a terror attack on a Christmas fair in Berlin shocked the world. It shocked me too. In the meanwhile, since more than 2 billion years, mother earth is turning around the sun in 365 days. Nature is going punctual and precise every year through the same loop. More than 7 billion people on earth have at least one thing in common: on December 21 the days will become a little bit longer every day.  And we will experience the same universal phenomenon. A little bit more light will shine every day for the coming six months.

The winter solstice inspire since more than 5000 years people to celebrate the new light. The shortest day of the year lasts for 7 hours 49 minutes and 41 seconds in Britain. This day is 8 hours, 49 minutes shorter than on June Solstice. All these years, all generations, all over the planet, welcome the new period of light, the start of the winter season.

Can we turn stress and fear into constructive thinking, now we’re living in a situation where terror and migration are infecting our inner peace? The world is in shock, our political leaders are not able to guarantee a safe environment. More anxiety, more stress, more hate: that is what we can expect the next days, the next year 2017. And we will wish each other a happy and healthy new year. This is what we want to do, what we need to do and what we will do. Wishing your family and friends, your colleagues and clients, every human being on the planet a happy and healthy life, is a basic philosophy, a basic belief. It is a constructive act in your brain, in your heart. You will first touch the heart and then the brain, of all of those you send your wishes to. And so will I.

My biggest wish for you and all the people you love, you fear, you don’t like… is that you send them an honest, authentic and constructive message for a peaceful and joyful, mindful and playful year full of love, full of tolerance and sharing. Give your inspiration for free to let other people grow. The more you give, the better you will feel, the better the receiver of your gift will feel.

Winter solstice: look at the sun, at the sky and the universe and feel the light. Let’s toast on a constructive way of thinking: positive, understanding, respectful, friendly, enthusiastic, authentic and kindly. Building on the failures and the successes of yesterday and today, I believe we can learn to create inner peace by this positive thinking model, and bring this belief to others. That is the Pace philosophy that will be published in 2017 in a book that I’m writing right now.

To all of you: enjoy the effect of the winter solstice and celebrate the new light and enlightment.


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