How many managers enjoy training? What percentage of the tools on offer, the tips and tricks, are actually put into practice several weeks, months, years further down the line? It is a well-known problem. Training is a profession. It requires experience, skill, passion, interaction, humour, enthusiasm and motivation.

A training designed to turn your managers into ‘high performers’: this is often offered but.. With the PACE matrix as practical example your management team is motivated in no time to achieve more focus, less energy consuming activity, more resilience. The core competencies of your managers are brought up to speed. Typical mistakes like multi tasking, constant availability, too few breaks, getting lost in detail, lack of condition: they all eat away at one’s energy, they all cost in terms of performance. We can do things different and better. Impactful leadership guarantees a higher level of dedication within the team. The quality of the services and the production increases and absenteeism decreases. No more excuses: as from today a training session is an educational party with readily applicable tools and tips.

A two-day seminar, split into four half-day segments is highly inspirational and stimulating towards providing leadership in a performing, authentic, constructive and enthusiastic way. The two-day format yields high results. Those who want to go further commit to the full programme consisting of an eight-day training spread over one year. There are four major segments requiring two days training each.

4 modules towards better performance

There are 4 topics per module: physical, emotional, rational, fundamental. You reserve 1 to 4 hours workshop per topic. Through practical exercises generated by the participants a simple and applicable theory is developed and translated into action points. Thus each organization, guided and facilitated by Wim, devises its own manual.