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New song of Zest Records to RELAX to the MAX

Give yourself a present and relax in seven minutes with our new song ‘Across Eternal Times’. De-stress and relax to the max with our music, so how can we help you to find the pause button? Do the same as more than 19 000 viewers on You Tube in 19 days did….. and yes, honestly, we are overwhelmed by so many positive reactions.

I experience deep relaxation and joy is the most popular feedback.

I feel humble and grateful, because it’s the first song I produced with our new label ‘Zest Records’, owned and founded by myself. Working with the genius composer and multi instrumentalist Elie De Prijcker and with the professional sound engineer Steven Meuleman in his ‘Whitehouse Recording studio’ is a gift. They made it happen to let our music help you to relax to the deepest in a few minutes. Stress is OK to perform and de-stress is OK to pause.

You want to know why we do this? We want to inspire you to find the pause button with Across Eternal Times.

Enjoy it, and if it works, share it, de-stress and relax to the max with our music and video.

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Zestfully yours,


relax to the max timeless in seven minutes with our first Zest Records song ‘Across Eternal Times’