On average 90 minutes per presentation.

The PACE manager as top athlete, top chief and top performer

Metaphors from the worlds of sports, Michelin star restaurants and business.

To do one’s job with a high level of concentration improves one’s productivity by 30%.

Health, nutrition, sleep: here no extra time needs to be set aside because the right attitude automatically raises energy levels. By incorporating mental and physical breaks one leaves a meeting, conference call or negotiations feeling fresher. Turn stress into your ally and learn to use it to your advantage. Set clear and concrete goals and productivity will visibly improve. Learn to focus like a master chef or a top athlete and lead your team and yourself towards top performances.

With this presentation there is a checklist of actions to reach mental and physical perfection rapidly and sustainably. Increased concentration – improved memory – better creative problem solving capabilities? Imagine for a moment that you achieve just one of those three goals. Or would you like to aim for all three?


After this training you will be focussed on your own talents and unique qualities, which you will be able to optimize even further. You will be more confident than ever in playing your best hand.

The Authentic PACE manager says what he does and does what he says

Everybody is different and each manager is unique. That is exactly why it is exciting to draw a red line that everybody can follow. A general principle applies: remain authentic. With the dedication and conviction of a captain guiding his crew through the heaviest of swells, you communicate just as clearly in both non-verbal and verbal ways. Given that you possess the courage and the conviction to tell things as they are, how do you do that in a credible fashion and moreover in a way that inspires each team member to that extra effort required to ‘walk the extra mile’.

How do you want people to perceive your leadership? Does 360° intimidate you or stimulate you to do better? Authentic is more and more complex than ‘baring your soul’. How do you give the best of yourself? By remaining the person you are, by stating clearly what you do and by doing what you say.


After this training you will be focussed on your own talents and unique qualities, which you will be able to optimize even further. You will be more confident than ever in playing your best hand.

Constructive communication towards more audience engagement

Strong leaders communicate clearly and make perfectly clear what is expected. Complaining and commenting on under-achievement is detrimental to motivation and to self-confidence. Indicate what is good and identify clearly what should improve but most of all state your expectations. Check first of all to see if that is understood and moreover that the commitment is made to execute accordingly and within the agreed timeframe. By validating with an attitude of optimism and appreciation the team members will face up to any adversity for one another. Learn to think constructively because that is the corner stone to mastering the motivational and action focussed language that motivational communication consists of. Both in verbal and in email communication (admittedly the latter is where the worse blunders happen). Strong emotional language in emails is replaced by encouraging and factual language.


After this presentation your use of language will be critically appraised and your formulation will be more powerful and constructive. Your messages will receive an enormous boost.

Enthusiasm as secret weapon in PACE leadership

Obama, Mandela, Jobs: without saying one word, before beginning to speak they completely command attention. Charisma means: displaying inner strength through body language. A leader who is performant, authentic and constructive is already way ahead. Those who can and dare to exude enthusiasm have that little bit extra that takes good leadership up a notch to excellent. Make the difference by showing your enthusiasm, your passion, show interest by honing your listening skills, learn to focus on success and share that in an enthusiastic way with team members, customers and stake holders. Provide factual based feedback; show your appreciation to both the whole team and to the individual team members. A whole load of things that cost little once you are good at them. You can’t fake enthusiasm but you can learn to use it, dosing it according to the circumstances, proportionate, diplomatic or sometimes even euphoric. All in due time and within the given context.


This presentation leaves you feeling highly enthousiastic. Your team will attend your meetings more willingly and with more drive, and every team member becomes an enthousiastic ambassador for your company or your department.

The art of public speaking

Anyone who wants to learn this needs only two assets. Firstly: be an easy conversationalist in contacts involving two and more persons. Secondly: have the daring to render oneself vulnerable in contacts involving two and more persons.

Wim is frequently asked to train others in the art of public speaking. He does not like the stereotype approach and rules and keeps to the basic principles and skills, which are relatively easy to teach. This involves a framework of body language, eye contact, breathing exercises, position on stage, using Powerpoint and a flipchart, audience interaction, language, intonation, pauses. How the participants manage this depends greatly on their personalities and preferences. The provided insights leave the participants eager to explore their ‘individual’ self and most of all to develop the daring to ‘go for it’. In this way one learns more quickly despite the (necessary) failures. It is mainly about learning to handle failure, fear, feedback, and applause. It is fundamentally about putting aside one’s ego and enthusiastically presenting one’s vulnerable strength to an ever-critical audience. You can’t please everyone but if you can enthral 80% of the audience that’s enough. No experience is required; everyone who can talk in intimate circles can learn this. Two prerequisites: will and daring.


Het aangereikte materiaal maakt deelnemers enthousiast om met hun authentieke ‘zelf’ op verkenning te gaan, en vooral het lef te ontwikkelen om er voor te gaan. Zo leert u sneller, geniet u meer ondanks de (noodzakelijke) uitschuivers. De reactie van het publiek, wat ze ook is, prikkelt  om het beste uit jezelf te blijven halen. Spreken voor publiek geeft vanaf nu nog meer voldoening, en stress is geen rem meer maar een motor om nog beter te doen.