Tailor-made workshops

  • To participate at these tailor-made workshops is an exciting experience, with a quick ànd long term effect.
  • Through practical exercises generated by the participants a simple and applicable theory is developed and translated into action points. Thus each organization, guided and facilitated by Wim, devises its own manual.

1. Speaking with impact

  • Fear of public speaking is the world wide number one on the list of “social phobia”. We make use of mental training techniques to become a good, very good, great speaker. Wim delivers around fifty speeches a year himself.  Still eager to learn and to improve. He’s passionated to share it with your people, with you as a manager, entrepreneur, leader. Starting with a one day eye opening workshop, you’ll be surprised how fast you will learn.

2.  Listening with impact

  • How to become a good, even excellent listener? Focus on the language and body language of the interviewee and make connection. Coaching skills for managers. One day program to learn the basics, to practice and to engage one self to develop “focussed listening” skills. Result: listening attentively will create more respect and understanding.

3. Mental training as a top athlete

  • Mental training enhances self confidence, resilience, endurance, memory capacity… performance. In one day you learn and practice the basics. Techniques top athletes uses to outperform, translated and transformed to your daily business and private life


  • Rituals, patterns, bad habits, gossip: teams are functioning as systems in a system. That’s the reality, all over the planet where people work together. How can I create a motivated team. The basics of team spirit: faith, trust, confrontation, engagement, responsibility and accountability are well known. How to build trust, how to be constructive in conflicts, how to engage people to walk through fire? That’s where sport and business meet. That’s how you will win the competition. One day workshop.