Managing, leading: why are those such hard jobs? Why hire a professional in order to get the best out of you, your team, your organization, in an enthusiastic and powerful way? Because you want to be better at managing stress and meeting high expectations. You want to be able to express your thoughts in a powerful and clear fashion so that colleagues and fellow managers understand your message.

Performing well under pressure is something one can learn. How do you bring a team up to the right level? As a certified coach with 30 years’ corporate experience, Wim helps managers to become better performers, because effective leadership means doing more and better in a short timespan.

Contact Wim for an introduction meeting and a short PACE-‘audit’ to gauge your current style, energy level and skill set.  Together we will set out clear goals and a realistic and practical approach towards quickly reaching those goals.

Wim Rombaut as team coach

Wim coaches managers and entrepreneurs in becoming better performers. Coaching abilities and speech techniques are also often tackled as well as how to be a team leader. In most cases personal goals are first set out and the person’s own energy level is pumped up in order to better face the challenge. Once that has been achieved then the team can be ‘tackled’. That can happen on one’s own but more often than not Wim is asked to step in and guide the process during one or two days, thus allowing the team to communicate and perform better.


Wim is a very passionate trainer. He’s a master in revitalising teams and can truly bring them to a higher level.

Patrick Vanbelleghem, BDO


Wim Rombaut as a personal coach

From start to finish

Following an analysis and research into your concrete coaching needs and goals, we set out a path to success, which includes monitoring your progress through both regular meetings and mail or Skype/Facetime exchanges.

The intensity and quality of this short-term method allows us to achieve much more than by using the traditional approach.


Wim is unique. He is one of those very few people that are actually capable of improving one’s mental and physical strength and stability, allowing on to perform better. He has worked wonders for me.

Piet Battiau, Head of comsumption Taxes Unit Organisation for Economic Co-operation and development (OECD)


Themes for personal coaching of managers and entrepreneurs


Strong mental training techniques to achieve your goals

  • Public speaking skills: How to become a good, a very good, a great speaker?
  • Self-management: making tough choices to improve performance, how to ‘dose’, delegate and have more ‘me-time’. How do you improve concentration and positive thinking, avoid burnout?
  • Leadership and coaching: how to get things done in an easy natural way, hassle free. How to inspire a team to go against all odds for one another and me.
  • Constructive communication: All organizations complain about communication. The answer: people are motivated by strong verbal and non-verbal signals. How to present feedback, how to phrase your message in a strong and inspiring way, both towards your team and your management.