About Wim

Managers are like top athletes. Performance is what counts.

Wim Rombaut is a mental coach and trainer who walks the extra mile with you.  His goal is to inspire his clients to a learning journey on all levels, physical energy in balance included. He is 63 and a still a sportsman through and through. He was active as sports coach till he reached twenty-eight when, as head-coach of the National Belgian Women’s Water Polo Team, he switched to the business world where he became an entrepreneur, a coach and consultant in the expanding world of health and fitness.  He founded and established Passage Fitness in Gent which, went on to become the largest health and fitness chain in Belgium. Following the acquisition of the chain by Fitness First International, Wim concentrated on mental training and coaching, teaching managers: stress management, concentration, communication and  PACE – leadership. His mantra is:

Inspire your team to outperform as a top team by bringing yourself every day to a higher level. Improve your performance as a manager and become a leader in an Authentic, Constructive and Enthusiastic way.

During his time as an entrepreneur Wim realized first hand how important it is to provide the correct tools to both the manager and the team and to teach them how to cope with the mental challenges they face in the business world.  He has since been working on a regular basis for UCB Pharma, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Showpad, Nexxworks, Chili Publish, ING, Biocartis, Belgian Railway, The Flemish government and more organizations.

His formation as a teacher in Physical Education provided him with extensive knowledge of psychology, pedagogy and methodology.  Over the past thirty years he has kept that knowledge updated through self-tuition and regularly taking courses.

Vision: management is a top sport, leadership is a mission.

Wim has succeeded in applying his unique brand of coaching – PACE –  taken from the world of sports to the business world. Moreover it is not without cause that many terms used in one world translate effortlessly into the other. There are a multitude of similarities and this fresh approach is an eye opener.
Single or multiple day seminars with Wim are in themselves intense learning experiences on top of which one leaves with fresh motivation. During a workshop Wim excels through his dynamic and sometimes provoking style and his talent for combining theory and practice tailored to his client’s needs. Participants leave with a toolbox of skills ready to be put into practice and thanks to the unique follow-up system backed up by social media the results are long lasting.

In Wim Rombaut companies acquire a seasoned professional, who through personal experience strengthened by current literature, both mentally and physically gets the best out of managers and their teams. He teaches them how to easily transfer their own strength and energy to their teams, and how to lead by example.

He adheres to the PACE leadership principles: both the manager and the team have vision and motivation according the four PACE- principles: Performing, Authentic, Constructive and Enthusiastic. 

What clients say about his approach

2 days specific public speaking training by Wim, with a lot of physical breaks, focus – and relaxation exercises:

“In October 2014 we hired Wim for a two-day training about public speaking and teaching skills. Our  Silver Aset Global trainer-team was very excited about the course.But even better: today, 4 months later, we feel better in front of an audience, we have more impact and interaction, we reduced slides with 80 %. Our participants like our program, and of course, we like it too.”

Wolfgang Friess       Global Head of Commercial Development and Training Nestlé Nutrion – today he’s active as the CEO of  ‘Live for ever young institute’ in  Vietnam    https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolfgang-friess-32915b9/